So how do you play Scrumble?

Well, it's really simple. You see, Scrumble is not like Scrabble, so don't confuse the two. Scrumble is a scrambled crossword game.

The puzzle is all filled in, but the words themselves are scrambled. To help you unscramble them, you have clues, just like the ones in a typical crossword puzzle. As if that weren't enough, the letters in grey, where the words intersect, are in their proper positions in their respective words whereas the ones in white are not.

Once you've unscrambled the words, you then have to figure out what the words themselves have in common.

If you're stumped by this puzzle, no worries! There's one puzzle every month, so the answers to this month's puzzle will be posted right on the site the following month.

So, let's get ready to Scrumble.